About Amy


I am a Nationally Certified and Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist.  I specialize in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage. I have experienced the healing power of touch and am blessed to be able to provide clients with several modality options to help them on their quest for stress relief as well as chronic pain management.

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor with over 25 years of dance experience.  Currently, I am teaching Adult Barre as well as Group and Private Yoga Classes.  Yoga Classes range from “gentle” and “reflective” to “intense” and “challenging”. My Adult Burlesque Class was featured in the Erie Times News.  I also created a successful “Mommy and Me” Yoga Class that was held at Jumpin’ Jungle for 2 years. I have taught several children’s classes including Ballet, Creative Movement and Yoga.

I have been a blogger for 2 years. I have written several pieces about massage, fitness, meditation, nutrition and homeschooling. My work has been posted on various health-focused websites under my pen name: SolHol.

I believe that true healing occurs when the mind is at rest and the body is relaxed. I love seeing clients’ quality of life improve as they rediscover their true potential. I enjoy spreading the gift of health and look forward to discussing your goals with you.